Friday, March 10, 2017

We're Back!

Hello lovely readers!

The Porch Light girls are back and ready to blog about our favourite interior design inspiration, looks, and trends (and of course, our work!). We can't wait to share it with you all, we hope you enjoy a peek into the Porch Light world!

We're loving that the warm, sunny days in beautiful Brisbane are lingering. How amazing would it be to soak up the last of the summer sun by this gorgeous pool?! Maybe with a cocktail in hand...?

interior designers Brisbane, interior decorators Brisbane, property stylists Brisbane, outdoor area, pool, summer, plants

interior designers Brisbane, interior decorators Brisbane, property stylists Brisbane, outdoor area, pool, summer, plants

interior designers Brisbane, interior decorators Brisbane, property stylists Brisbane, outdoor area, pool, summer, plants

You wouldn't expect it, but this project is located in the heart of New Farm, Brisbane, completed by us in 2015. Head to to see more of this stunning home's design and styling!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Industrial Look

Steel framed windows and doors are so beautiful! They work well in both traditional and modern houses, giving the space an industrial touch. The windows work well as external windows, but also as a space divider internally (like the fourth image).

If you really love the Industrial look but don't want to commit to such a large and prominent feature. There are many smaller options, like pendant lights or coffee tables that can give a little edge to your space.


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Friday, October 17, 2014

Door Inspiration

We're currently working on a big project for one of our lovely clients and recently chose all the doors and windows for the house. These images are some that we were really loving and inspired by. We adore the french doors with the transom above, such a beautiful way to bring light into a room! They look stunning both externally and internally creating character and interest. 

We're using this style door throughout the house and are so excited to see the finished product! Fingers crossed we might be able to take some photos to share!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Workspace Envy

We've got some serious workspace envy going on right now! Absolutely loving these office fit outs. In our industry, you need a beautiful and inspiring place to work in, a place where you can spread out and get immersed in your latest project! There's some gorgeous pendant lights and amazing cabinetry in these images - these details make all the difference!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Delicious Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are simple spaces generally used for eating and entertaining. Some people use it daily, others use it much less frequently.  In the past many bought their matching dining table and chairs but more commonly these days, we are mixing different styles to create more unique spaces. There are so many different styles of dining tables and chairs to choose from - so find one that you will love for a good amount of time!

Loving the different styles in these dining rooms. There's coastal chic in the top, so perfect. Imagine sitting on that banquette looking out onto the water. 


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Friday, October 3, 2014

Wall Sconces

These are some wall sconces that we are loving at the moment! They're becoming more desirable in Australia - we use them frequently in our clients houses because they are a great way to add some soft lighting and a little glamour to a room.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Design Books

Hello beautiful readers! Hope your weekend was nice and refreshing!
Today we're sharing some great design books that are out there at the moment. Books are such a great source of inspiration.. There's nothing better than sitting down with a good book, a cup of tea and having a little peek inside other creative people's lives and homes. The books featured are reasonably recent ones - if not soon to be released. 


Hare + Klein | David Clark & Meryl Hare
Written by former Vogue Living editor, David Clark and Sydney's leader in decoration, Meryl Hare. This book is a stylish collection of luxurious projects, featuring very tasteful natural materials and incorporating the sense of touch into their spaces. Such a beautiful book!

Tory Burch: In Color | Tory Burch
Renowned designer Tory Burch explores colour and what it means to her. The book offers a glimpse into her personal life through images from her own collections, how she entertains and travels around the world. Also within the pages are interviews from interior designers, artists and authors she admires. This book is not due for release until October, 2014.

The Inspired Home: Nests of Creatives | Kim Ficaro & Todd Nickey
An insight into some public creative people to "reveal the true nature of what makes a home a home". Some of the creatives include stylist, Christine Rudolph, and photographer, Ditte Isager. This book captures the beautiful homes that these creative people have made for themselves.

Elle Decor: The Height Of Style | Michael Boodro
This book contains more than 220 beautiful rooms selected personally by the editors of Elle Decor magazine. These pages include extravagant classic living spaces to sleek modern kitchens. The Height Of Style contains tips and advice from the top interior designers, architects and homeowners. 

The Big Book of the Hamptons | Michael Shnayerson
Vanity Fair's Michael Shnayerson explores the alluring homes in the haven of the world's elite, The Hamptons. This book explores the architecture, interiors and gardens of sprawling mansions to rustic little shacks. The Big Book of the Hamptons celebrates the beauty of these extravagant neighbourhoods through beautiful imagery.

Sarah Style  |  Sarah Richardson
Canadian design queen, Sarah Richardson shows you how to turn your house into a home. Beautiful photographs of master bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and everything in between.
This book is not due for release until November, 2014.

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Friday, September 5, 2014


Inlay pieces are such incredible pieces that can add exotic elegance to a space. Each piece is intricately carved and hand made by craftsmen. This process uses bones only from animals who have died of natural causes, no animal cruelty here! The end result is a beautiful and unique floral or geometric pattern. The materials used have expanded over time and include bone, horn, mother of pearl, shell and many others. 

These are a beautiful addition to any interior space. They range from large furnishings like chests, cabinets and tables right through to home ware accessories such as boxes, trays, mirrors and picture frames. They also come in a wide range of beautiful colours too! We love them! The little boxes are great for coffee and side tables, but also make a great gift too!

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Monday, September 1, 2014


Spring is here!!

Spring means lovely weather, lounging by the pool with fruity iced teas and eating amazing dinners outside. We're very excited! Hoping you guys in the Southern Hemisphere are excited for the beautiful weather ahead too!

P.S - it also means Christmas is getting closer and who doesn't love Christmas! 


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Friday, August 29, 2014

Cafes & Restaurants

Hello beautiful people! Just this morning I was flicking through Vogue Living's Eat, Drink, Design Awards shortlist, it is so inspiring! The first few cafes and restaurants pictured are from the shortlist. The industrial look is really in right now, which is good because it looks amazing if it's done right. The other few are just a couple of other gorgeous, gorgeous eatery's. Absolutely loving the third, which is a cute little coffee shop down in Melbourne. We visited it when we were down there last, for 'research' purposes of course! ;)

Hope you enjoy cafe and restaurant interiors as much as we do! We'll definitely share more favourites soon! 

Thanks for stopping by! x

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Living Rooms

Hello beautiful people! We hope you had a spectacular weekend! It was rainy and cold here in Brisbane, perfect weather to snuggle up inside and relax..

Here's some gorgeous pictures of some beautiful living rooms that we've been pinning lately. Pinterest is a great, great source of inspiration! If you don't already, follow us! Porchlight Interiors and PorchlightGirl
Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, August 22, 2014


Marble is such a beautiful and elegant natural material. It looks absolutely gorgeous in kitchens and bathrooms as counter tops, floor tiles or a backsplash.  It's also used in all sorts of furniture, accent pieces and jewellery too! We love the marble hexagonal tiles! Also loving some of Kelly Wearstler's marble collection and who doesn't love a good RillRill marble necklace.

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Monday, August 18, 2014


It's been a bit quiet on here for a while! We thought we'd share some pictures of the exciting things we've been up to lately! A couple of weeks ago we ventured down to Melbourne and then to Sydney not long after to see the wonderful Million Dollar Decorator, Mary McDonald. It was such an amazing opportunity, so thank-you to all who organised it and made it happen! We've also recently wrapped up and begun some exciting projects, which we're excited to share with you! 

Follow us on Instagram for more photos! Porchlight_Interiors & PorchlightGirl
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catching Up!

For those of you that do not follow us on Facebook or Instagram, this is what we have been up to! These are some snapshots of our stand at the HIA home show in Brisbane a week and a half ago!

We love the custom made chairs and the gorgeous artwork by Belynda Henry. It was a standout piece against the grass cloth backdrop. Beautiful dark stained European Oak timber floors by "Timber Flooring Unlimited". It was a lot of work to put it all together but well worth the effort! Now we are madly catching up on work and starting with new clients that we met at the show! Looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs! xx

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Preparing for HIA Home Show!

Sorry we have been missing in action of late! We have been very busy with our usual client work and also preparing to showcase a room design at the HIA Home Show here in Brisbane! We are very excited that artist Belynda Henry will be showing a gorgeous piece of her work on our stand!

We would love for any of our Brisbane readers to come in and see us and say hi.  We will post some images of the room after the show but it is always better to come and see it in person! xx

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Luxury in the Desert...

How amazing is this luxury resort in the Utah desert - Amangiri!
It has been designed to blend beautifully with the natural surrounding landscape...

Total escape from the city...

With a luxury spa for total relaxation

And outdoor beds for stargazing at night - perfection!!!

See full article here