Monday, July 21, 2008

Office Spaces That Inspire

I have a small room off my main bedroom which I have decided to make my own little inspiration room/office space. I went searching for some inspirational images and found these on the House to Home website.

image courtesy of House to Home

I love the use of wallpaper in small spaces - it just makes it that much more intimate and special. I'm not usually into dark timber but I think it really works in this space.

Again the wallpaper makes this room. I couldn't live with a mirror right in front of my face though - my beauty would be far too distracting.

A beautiful window overlooking a garden would be a lovely way to get inspired. The desk and chair are quite gorgeous too.

courtesy of House Beautiful

I can never resist green. This study space is so casual yet still a little glamourous - I love it. It is the work of the very talented Kathryn Ireland.

Okay, I couldn't do a post on offices without showing my absolute favourite one ever. I know almost everyone has seen this before but its always worth posting again. Unfortunately when I saved it I didn't write where I got it from so I would love for someone to let me know who's study this is and which blog it was first posted on (now there is a challenge for all you keen bloggers out there).


Millie said...

A lovely post Tracey! My only query is where are they hiding the laptop, printer, shredder, power boards etc. Try as I might I haven't found a printer yet that looks vaguely stylish & elegant sitting on my desk!
Millie ^_^

MaryBeth said...

I think some of these are just lovely. Having never been at a photo shot I wonder where the heck do they plug in the lamps??? I never see the cords or the plug and that drives me crazy because if they hide them they also hide the rest of the junk that just ruins the look and I question "how come my desk looks so bad"
Thanks for the lovely post.

Emma @ White and Wander said...

I love that you would distract yourself with your beauty! That is too funny! I love that trestle though ... xx

A-M said...

Oh they are all so exquisite. My heart skipped a beat with the second one when I saw the beautiful wide skirting boards. Got our house pricing yesterday and I had to convince hubby that the extra $6k for the widest skirting boards imaginable was so necessary if we are going to focus on detail. I won't tell you how much the cornices are going to set us back! Ahhhh! I have left an award for you over at my blog. A-M xx

Villa Anna said...

I knew I had that last pic somewhere in my files. It was designed by Mary McDonald :)

It's one of my favourite office spaces too! Stunning!

Anna :)

Porchlight Interiors said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, and thanks Anna for reminding me where that last room was from.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Lovely spaces! So inspiring!


sean said...

That last pic was featured in Domino magazine last year. It is a designers personal office in West hollywood where she transformed a bungalow into a design firm.