Monday, February 2, 2009

Come and see........

As promised, pictures of our clients very beautiful home. We have just fininshed styling this home to go on the market.
She had some stunning pieces for us to work with including many special pieces selected by Anna at Black and Spiro specifically for this gorgeous home so we could see her touch when we walked in the door. These pieces include cushions on lounge below, cushions, bedhead and side tables in main bedroom, Chippendale chairs in the dining room and the bed in the little girls bedroom. Let us know if there are any other pieces from you Anna - great selection for this beautiful home. We then complimented these pieces with lamps, cushions, bed linens, furniture and accessories from the Porchlight Interiors range to create a finished look ready for the market.

We believe in making the most of every room by adding pretty things to the bedside tables so no detail is overlooked.

We bring in many large items including this gorgeous bookcase, side table, and linen lounge.

It is very important to us that we complete the look of the room with beautiful books, coral, candles, lamps, flowers, cushions, artwork, etc...

The above room is still awaiting a beautiful painting above the lounge.

A Hampton's style outdoor cane setting completes the look.

I love the clients white Chippendale chairs. They sit along side some bi-fold windows opening out to a bamboo wall feature. Simply stunning!

I do applogise for my amateur photography skills. The house looks so much better in life.

This is such a great room! The pink Lee Joffa houndstooth cushions add a beautiful touch of colour to a white backdrop.

A touch of Rubie Green!

The room is a little unfinished without blinds on the window. Still looks great. We used our beautiful yellow bamboo drawers in this room too.

A little more Rubie Green.

Trace and I are off to Sydney for the week to meet up with Michelle Adams. We are very excited to listen to her seminar and finally meet her in person.

We will be back at the end of the week,

Hayley x


Catherine said...

Totally delicious! That kitchen, that verandah, that bookcase! Love how you teamed the pretty pink cushions with the neutral cushions.

Kimberlee said...

beautiful post Hayley! and the pics are great, so if you don't think they are doing the place justice, it must be absolutely amazing in real life! So clever once again ladies x

Tina said...

i love how bright and airy this gorgeous home feels, and everywhere you look there's beautiful fabrics! love all the colours you've used!

Lee said...

What a beautiful home - your clients must be so, so happy with the results. You're obviously very talented over at Porchlight Interiors.

la la Lovely said...

Pure gorgeousness.. great job! What is the fabric on the headboard in the bedroom?? So pretty! Also, a little award awaits you at my place. Have a lovely trip!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Beautiful work.

I love the fabric on the bedroom pillows with the blue birds. Beautiful along with the fabric used on the headboard in the pictures towards the end.

Great to see Michelle's fabric in the room as well. She is so sweet and talented. I hope you have fun meeting with her.

Sharnel said...

Looking gorgeous! You always do an amazing job.

Velvet and Linen said...

I love the fun touches of rubie green fabrics.
All of the spaces feel happy and serene.
I like the desk next to the pretty upholstered bed.
I also liked your selection for the sectional. It has nice slim lines so it doesn't over power the room but still looks inviting.
Great job.


Mariafer said...

Everything looks so beautiful!!

Design Ties said...

What a lovely, airy and welcoming home... and you've a fantastic job for your clients. Congrats!
Victoria (one half of DesignTies)

Millie said...

Very, very nice girls, although totally expected from the Interior Styling Stars of the Blogging World! Have a fun week Gift Fairing in Sydney - & make sure you treat yourself to a couple of big nights out in the Big Smoke.
Millie ^_^

ness lockyer said...

What an amazing job you both have done. That kitchen is heaven! and I love the Hamptons style setting...I saved them for my Love it file. Hope you don't mind.
Have fun in Sydney.
Ness xx

Lauren said...

Looks great! Love the feeling throughout the home. The kitchen is perfection!!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. We certainly cannot take most of the credit here as Anna from Black and Spiro is the geneous behind all the Main bedroom furnishings including bed head,cushions and sofa. You may have recalled Anna posting this particular sofa last year. She also did the girls room bed.
I would love to hear from Anna so that she can let you all know in detail the work that she has done! She is a very clever Designer and I would never want to take credit for her work.
Hayley x

viera said...

Ladies you did a fantastic job for your clients. Love it all.
Great XXX Viera

Tamara said...

Oh you girls are so clever. What beautiful beautiful style. How gorgeous are the cushion throughout the home. Simply lovely.

Tamara said...

Oh you girls are so clever. What beautiful beautiful style. How gorgeous are the cushion throughout the home. Simply lovely.

Filipa said...

Great post! Design lovers get inspired! This is really fantastic!