Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Six Things...

The lovely girls from Design Ties recently asked me to share 6 interesting things about myself which for some reason terrifies me buy here goes:

1. I have been an Intensive Care nurse for the past 12 years and still manage to squeeze in two 8 hour shifts a week. While interior styling is my passion, there is a part of me that finds it very difficult to walk away from ICU nursing - it gets into your blood and I work with such a great team of people. I am currently enjoying some long service leave as Porchlight Interiors has had a wonderfully busy start to the year.

2. I have been married for 13 years to my gorgeous husband and have three amazing sons (the youngest one is 6 today). I'm looking forward to meeting our fourth son in heaven.

3. I come from a really close knit family with one sister (obviously Hayley) and two brothers and we all get on really well and get together regularly with our gorgeous parents. Hayley and I got along very well growing up and even better now which is why working together in our styling business is such a pleasure. We are really close to our mum and even dragged her along on our latest buying trip which was great fun.

4. I have a coffee addiction but try and limit it to one a day. I know just about every fabulous coffee shop in Brisbane but have my regular local spots.

5. My husband and I are currently (slowly) renovating our second home which is an ugly 1980's two story brick and tile in the suburbs. I'm sure my stylish friends were surprised at this choice but I could see it's potential and there is nothing more satisfying than taking something ordinary and making it special (its a challenge to say the least). One day I may be brave enough to show some before and after pics.

This is the kitchen from our first renovated home which we sold a couple of years back.

6. I love blogging! I know everyone says this but for me, this has been an amazing way to meet incredibly talented and creative people who inspire me daily. I feel blessed to be living out my passion with my business, my family and this blog.

I told you I was boring! Tracey xx


A-M said...

Tracey, you're a 'Boy Mum'.... how wonderful!! Oh, my heart breaks that you have to meet your 4th little one in heaven...so lovely that you have a loving, supportive family. Your reno project sounds fabulous.... and tell us... where does one go for the best coffee in Bris Vegas? Slim pickings, bar one, out here at Gumnut Valley (hubby's words for 'Gumdale') where we are renting and where the mobile telephone network is non existent! A-M xx

viera said...

Not boring at all, Tracey. I always love to read peoples "stories". I am terribly private person and I know I should change (at least a little) so thanks for sharing.
I enjoyed yours 6T!

ness lockyer said...

Your story was lovely Tracey. I am a boy Mum as well and will have to meet one in Heaven too. Love you for sharing that.
Your old kitchen looks wonderful, so I am sure your current one will be a knockout. Looking forward to photos.
Ness xx

Catherine said...

Thank you for sharing Tracey - not boring in the least.
Best wishes
Catherine xx

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

you are far from boring, tracey, this was beautiful. thanks for sharing. i, too, am a boy mum and love it! my girlfriend says that when we meet our 'angel babies' again, they will thank us for loving them so much. x shelley t

mondo cherry said...

It is lovely to learn more about you Tracey. I have two little bubs to meet in Heaven, so know what a loss that is. You must be one busy person to fit in styling and nursing, and a very special one to be a part of the amazing ICU team. I love hearing about other people that work, and get along with, their sisters. JJ and I get so many comments from people asking how we can possibly manage to spend so much time together - a breeze once we left home and stopped sharing a bedroom!!!
We look forward to seeing photos of your 'befores' and 'afters' - we are holding you to it!!
Clare x

Millie said...

And I'll have to add my 5 boys to the 'Boy Mum' list too Tracey. Gosh what's the go here with all these boy children! Just a lovely insight into your life. You & that gorgeous Hayley are stars in my realm & always will be.
Millie ^_^

Tamara said...

Lovely to read a little about you...thank you for sharing. I have been reading your blog since Anna from ABT mentioned it. And enjoying it thoroughly.

I am a colour consultant and love interior design.


DesignTies said...
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DesignTies said...

Oops!! Sorry about that!!

Thanks so very much for playing along, Tracey - you're a trooper!!

I really enjoyed reading a little about you. I think what jumped out at me the most (apart from being a Mom of boy[s]... well, and loving to blog [haha!]) was that you and your hubby are currently remodeling your second home = my husband and I are remodeling our second home, too :-) I'm loving the work - and the transformation from ugly to what I believe it beautiful... but like you, I'm reluctant to share pics until I have things finished/prefect. Hmmm... could take some time! Okay. I may have to share some pics sooner then I really want... I hope you do too!!

Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

la la Lovely said...

Loved learning a little more about you! 3 boys, an ICU nurse and a interior designer.. you must be magic (this is my latest saying to when someone does amazing things :-) I have one to meet in heaven too. I think about that sometimes, what it will be like, amazing, I am sure of that.
You are a dear.. hope you have a lovely weekend!
xx Trina
ps- love your new logo/header


Hi Tracey,

Great job, i too have been working on my 6 things, not yet posted! ugg.... you have inspired me.... :)