Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Hayle!!!

Well another year has passed and today we celebrated Hayley's birthday in French style at Montrachet in Paddington (Brisbane)! It was delightful from the moment we walked in! The service was exceptional, the food was to die for and the decor made us feel like we had stepped off the sidewalk in Paris! What more could a girl want! Happy birthday sis - can't wait to do it all again next year! Tracey xx


Oliveaux said...

Happy Birthday!! Ax

Sharnel said...

Oh sounds like you both had a lovely day. Happy Birthday Hayley.

mondo cherry said...

I have never been here, although it is very close to me. Sounds like I need to move it hgher up the list!
A very happy birthday Hayley!
Clare x

Greet said...

Oh my god! So cosy!


Anonymous said...

Cool looking restaurant.Sounds like it was fun. Happy Birthday!

viera said...

Happy Birthday , Hayley.
(The place looks lovely thank for the tip)

Millie said...

A belated happy birthday Hayles - hope it was a fab. day! Montrachet looks charming & oh so stylish, much like you two gorgeous girls!
Millie ^_^