Friday, March 5, 2010

Peter Dunham Inspiration...

Looking to Peter Dunham for inspiration for a new project that we started this week! He is based in LA and this particular home is in Beverley Hills.

Love the green velvet sofa and the incredible art on the walls...

Always love extra seating to make a room more interesting...perfect place for reading a book!

So many things to attract your attention, yet it doesn't look cluttered...

Very elegant!

Another separate seating the grey velvet chairs! Hope you all have a happy weekend! Tracey xx


Karena said...

Tracy, I love Peter Dunhams work and the art is simply fabulous!!
Art by Karena

red ticking said...

so pretty ... that grey chair... amazing...

Kerri said...

Hi Tracy,
Love these pics, and as an artist I really love to see modern art mixed with more classic pieces. It keeps everything looking fresh and gives a little dash of the unexpected. I'm new to the bloggy world but love your blog and always look forward to your posts.
Have a great weekend
Kerri x

Kerri said...

Oops, sorry, I mean Tracey!

Greet said...

I so love that sitting corner! Nice to bring a couple of hours reading or writing a book, with some good music in the background!
Have a wonderful weekend and success with your new project!

Annie@A View On Design said...

very heavy "elegant" so stylish! love that seating area (last pic) - want one of them!!!!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Your speaking my language; I worship the designs of Peter Dunham. You've picked the perfect inspiration. Happy weekend to you ~

Viera said...

Great inspiration. I love art and grey velvet chair.
Good luck with a new project.

tamy said...

grazie per la visita nel mio blog se ti fa piacere visitare anche questo ne sarei lieta
un bacio

The Zhush said...

Love these. He does beautiful interiors. Now wondering how to incorporate gray velvet into my own home!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

You have a beautiful blog! Im glad I found you!
Thank you for the sweet comments on my kitchen.

M.A.the2nd said...

Hello Tracey
Absolutely love the grey velvet chairs - it has given me inspiration for a Louis chair I am covering. Thank-you for visiting my blog and I am glad you liked my Marie Antoinette do! Getting all th pins out was a bit trying in amongst the hairspray! Come back and visit anytime - love your blog and your work - you have very similar design tastes to me. Cheers Frances
Do you have a retail front - I will have to come and visit when I am next in Brisbane. Have a great day!

Laurie Blaswich said...

Hi Tracy,
Thank you for your wonderful feedback and stoping by! So much fun, your bloging pal Laurie

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

good luck with your new job cant wait to see it x

Renae said...

I love that screen in the second pix...just gorgeous.

Brabourne Farm said...

Such gorgeousness! His designs are so elegant and chic. Leigh

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

Gorgeous! I so want one of those hermes blankets!

Beach Vintage said...

That velvet green sofa is amazing and i adore it!

ashlina said...

wow. simply amazing photos. i love them!
love your blog too.
a new fan + follower.