Thursday, September 1, 2011

Style Conscious Holidays!

While reading the latest gorgeous issue of Australian Belle Magazine I came across an article on Terry Kaljo who has an amazing portfolio of beautiful boutique luxury serviced accomodation.  This stunning property in Byron Bay happens to be one of them and I must say it looks exactly like the kind of place I would love to relax in!

The Rockridge Villa overlooks one of the best views in the world (in my humble opinion)...

Relaxing is so much easier when you are not mentally redecorating your appartment!

Would love to know if anyone has stayed in this gorgeous villa - it's only 2 hours South from us so I think it could be the perfect getaway!  T xx

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Gild and Grace said...

Oh my! This is indeed the perfect place for a lovely getaway! Abbey x

Olga Duron said...

What a wonderful place! I have never visited Australia - this would definitely inspire me to do so!

Warmest regards,

Jennifer, Decorum said...

Just reading my October Home Beautiful that arrived today. Great article on Hayley's home. Congratulations!

Jennifer xx

Anonymous said...

Oh this place is so beautiful. I hope you decide to go and then tell us all about it!

La Petite Gallery said...

Remember the TV show
well if I lived any where near it I's say BOOK IT DANNO.

have a great weekend.


Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

oh this is to do for - the PERFECT getaway location. ahhh i think you would never get me to leave! x

Sheri said...

I can picture myself there soooooo easily! Beautiful!

beach house rentals said...

Hey nice pictures. I just love to visit this place.