Monday, July 14, 2008

Boys! Boys! Boys!

Here is our fabulous blog feature on Boys rooms. We have compiled a few of our favorite pictures from magazines, books and other websites to hopefully help inspire you with some ideas for your boys rooms!

Family Lifestyle Home Book

Home by Anita Kaushal

This beautiful book explores the simple nature of family and how our homes represent a place of nuturing, love and safety. A truly heartwarming read!

Simple projects for designing child friendly spaces in your home
Kid's rooms

image courtesy of English Homes & Gardens

This is an image of a boys room that Porchlight Interiors put together for a client late last year. This eight year old boy is very happy with his new room. The Lexington bed covers offer versatility for little fellows such as him!

image via Kerry Joyce Interior Designer

Tommy & Freddy's room!

You may all remember this article published in February's English Homes & Gardens of Maria Myers ( Chic Shack) home in London. I just love this bright bold contast of red and white colour for a boys room. She too has used Lexington for her boys bedding. It's really quite durable for a boy.

What a gorgeous room! Would suit a boy for many years don't you think? I really love the large window behind the bed, It would be a shame to cover it up, however, my son would not sleep in with that much light streaming through in the morning!
Image coutesy of Australian House & Garden

I had to post this gorgeous room I found in a brilliant book called Kid's Rooms by Weldon Owens. It is a feature from Pottery Barn Kids.
Love the letters and numbers, they make such a statement!

These two images are from my favorite book right now simply entitled 'home' by Anita Kaushal which I have pictured above.
I am sure you can see that we are mad on maps right now, but I think it's a brilliant idea for boys in search of an intrepid adventure.


A-M said...

What a wonderful post. I am looking for inspiration for my 2 boys rooms in our new home. I am a sucker for the lexington red white and blue look. It's so smart and versatile, wrt accessories. I also LOVE maps! ... would love to wallpaper in a world map. Thanks for some great ideas. A-M xx

mondo cherry said...

I love both the books you mentioned and flick through them often. My son's room varies between blue and red, and a vintage travel theme depending which bedding is in the wash! They would love the room with the swing!

Millie said...

This mother of 5 boys thanks you so much for this post! Its a little late for me unless I redecorate their rooms & they all move back home, oops the Man-of-the-House has just passed out at that thought!

I'm with A-M, you can't beat the crisp style of red, white & blue. Delighted you enjoyed your visit to The Laurel Hedge, thanks for the inclusion on your blog roll.
Millie ^_^

Emma @ White & Wander said...

Wow, I love your blog! You have my dream job - I would love to crack into this industry some day ... what lovely inspiration xx

Ann said...

Nice rooms for little boys. It is always nice to include the child in designing his room, his interests and his fave colors should be taken into consideration to create a space for him that he will treasure and remember.

Porchlight Interiors said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. Wow Millie, 5 boys - you win, I only have 3 and my house is crazy most of the time. I take my hat off to you.

At Home Redesigns said...

Nice! I like the map wallpaper...did something on my blog today about a tent in a boy's!

Danielle said...

Great inspiration for me who is about to commence work on my sons' new room. I am in love with the white, red & blue but now you have me thinking about that wonderful world map wallpaper and go with a vintage type idea. He is always looking at his globe.
Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the lovely comment.

Sharnel @ The Cupcake Company said...

I love this post on boys rooms. My designer selected the Ralph Lauren wallpaper in the 5th photo down for my sons room.
You have a wonderful eye for design.

Anonymous said...

So cute…. what a lovely post on Boys Bedding!! I too have recently shopped at Spacify for them