Monday, July 28, 2008

Lounging at South Beach

Aqualina Ocean Resort
On such a cold winter's day in Brisbane, I thought we could use some images of beautiful places where we could relax and warm up (I know the weekend is over, but mine was so busy I need another one). All the pictures in this post come from some of the nicest hotels in South
Beach, Miami.

Aqualina Ocean Resort

Can't you imagine a beautiful breakfast out on this terrace.

Delano Hotel

Okay, and this one too (I'm not picky).

Delano Hotel

A great place for an imtimate dinner party with close friends.

Victor Hotel Lobby

I couldn't go past the green lobby - what's not to love.

Loews Hotel Poolside Cabanas
A bit of light reading after breakfast.

Mandarin-Oriental Hotel

A little sunbaking because you couldn't come home without a tan.

Victor Hotel

Not usually into red but this looks quite striking with the black and white cushions and the soft lighting from the candles and fairy lights.

Delano Hotel

It's green - need I say more! So relaxing.

Aqualina Hotel

Don't like the colour of the deck chair cushions but love the formality with the gorgous pots and topiaries.

The Raleigh Hotel

The colouring here is just so perfect for a balmy night in South Beach - cream with black is a perfect combination.

The Raleigh Hotel

The National Hotel

The National Hotel

Segamore Hotel
How gorgeous is this outdoor dining area?

The Tides Hotel
Like a formal living room outdoors - simply stunning.

The Tides Hotel

So nice to see these neutral colours - very calming.

The Raleigh Hotel

The Raleigh Hotel Beach Chairs

Love the chairs all lined up on the beach - reminds me of the European beaches.

The Raleigh Hotel Outdoor Dining

Well I feel better now! Daydreaming is so good for the soul.


Bespoke Press said...

Incredible!!!! perfect for warming me up with todays cold brisbane weather!!

Millie said...

Fabulous photos! I love those individual gazebo/tents by the pools. Although I expect Horatio & the CSI Miami team to suddenly appear!

The green Lobby @ The Victor is just perfect - so stylish & elegant & gorgeous. Totally awesome.
Millie ^_^

A-M said...

Yes it is cold isn't it!.... but still my boys insist on not wearing their jumpers to school! These images are a beautiful mid week escape for me. Gorgeous. A-M xx

mondo cherry said...

I feel like booking myself into the Tides Hotel right now! My house is so cold this morning I am in desperate need of some thawing out beside a gorgeous pool.

Porchlight Interiors said...

I have to agree with you Clare, I think the Tides Hotel would be my favourite. However, those poolside cabanas are pretty gorgeous. I think there are a few hotels on the Gold Coast that could do with a South Beach makeover - what do you think?

Alkemie said...

Great spread on hotels! Really took me a way into dreamland for a little bit :)